Q’s and A’s

The most frequently asked question is:

Q  “How much will it cost to publish my book?”

A  When you have completed your manuscript as a Word Document, and it is ready for publication, we will publish your book on CreateSpace.com, Amazon and Kindle for the one off payment of 350 Euros.

Q  Does it make any difference if my book has a large number of pages?

No. The publishing process is exactly the same however long your book is.

Can you edit my book for me?

A  No. If you need the services of an editor/proofreader, we can provide one for you, or you may wish to  search the internet for your own. It is up to you to satisfy yourself that the person you have picked is qualified to do the best for your manuscript. If you wish to use the services of our editor, please email for details – janettedavies.qgspublishing@gmail.com  –  subject “edit/proofread”

How do I do my cover?

CreateSpace and Amazon provide free ready made covers. They are very good, but you may wish to have your cover especially designed for your book.  There are many cover designers on the internet: if you decide to pay for these services – do your research and ask relevant questions. Ask to see covers the person has designed. Always ask the price before committing yourself. At Q G S Publishing we have a cover designer – if you wish to have more information on this service, please email  –  janettedavies.qgspublishing@gmail.com  –  subject “cover”

Q  I  have had a very exciting life and would like to write my life story, can you write it for me?

A  No. You need a ghostwriter! This can be very expensive – are you a popstar or model, criminal, MP, minor Royal, or just famous for being famous? (or married to/divorced from one?). If you wish to go ahead with your book, we can provide you with a ghostwriter. Please email for details: janettedavies.qgspublishing@mail.com – subject “ghostwriter”

Q  I am writing my memoirs. Can I put photos in?

A  Yes. Back and white photos reproduce very well. You can also use a photograph as a cover. If you wish to use colour photographs, then it will cost more for people to buy your book. Note – colour photgraphs will reproduce very well as black and white.

Q  Can I have a large size book?

A  Yes. The only thing to remember is a bigger book costs more to purchase and this may deter some people buying your book.

Q  I only want my book to give to my family. Is this possible?

A  This is possible through CreateSpace. You would purchase as many cppies of your book as you require, or you could give a discount code to your friends and family for them to purchase their own books at a discounted price.

I recently self-published a book on Kindle, but it doesn’t look very good and the Table of Contents doesn’t work. Could Q G S Publishing rectify my mistakes?

A  Yes, we can carry out remedial work on your manuscript. If you only want to publish your book on Kindle, please email  (jnettedavies.qgspublishing@gmail.com) for a price quote.

Q  Do I have to have a CreateSpace and Amazon Account to get my book published? I haven’t got these accounts. Do I have to pay tax?

A Yes, you will need to open accounts with CreateSpace and Amazon/Kindle.You will have to give private and personal information – email me and I will give you all the information you need.

Unfortunately we all have to pay tax! Yes, you will need to complete the Tax Declaration form – the good news is – when it is completed you are only stopped a very small amount by CreateSpace/Amazon/Kindle. It is then up to you to declare any payments received when you complete your personal annual tax assessment form.

Q  How long does it take to get a book published?

A  It is possible to get a book published in a week! Realistically, when your book is sent for review at CreateSpace, Amazon and Kindle, allow 2 – 3 weeks. This will give time for any errors which may occur to be rectified and for a proof copy to be ordered and delivered. When you are completely satisfied with your book and ‘approve’ it, it becomes immediately available on CreateSpace, and available on Amazon/Kindle within 3 – 5 working days.

Q  Do you promote my book after it has been published?

A  Yes. we will promote your book through our own social media and on our website and newsletter. If you do not have social media accounts, we suggest you open accounts with facebook, twitter etc  ( we can help you to set these up). You will always need to self-publicize your book.

Q  Do you publish all genres?

A  No. We do not publish erotica or pornography, anti-religion, or picture books.

If I want you to self-publish my book, how do I pay? Do you take cards?

A  Payments are made through Paypal.

When you confirm that you wish Q G S Publishing to publish your book, you will make full payment.

If you have any more questions, please email : janettedavies.qgspublishing@gmail.com




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