LYNDA KISS has written a new social history book – LIVES TO BE REMEMBERED and we are delighted that she has chosen to publish through QGS.


As genealogists we are not gathering cold facts but instead breathing life into all who have gone before. It is not just documenting but writing with pride what our ancestors were able to accomplish. How they contributed to what we are and have today.  Author unknown 

Lynda says: “In this book of social history I have recorded the lives of individuals who I have had the honour to know personally; with the exception of those who are the subject of the first two chapters of this book.

Bill Peyto’s life has been recorded and honoured by the Town of Banff in Alberta Canada but perhaps he is little known now, in his home town of Welling in Kent. My purpose in adding to his record, is to draw attention to his extended family and the part they played in the development of Western Canada. Sadly I did not know my Great Aunt Maud Peyto, my Grandmother’s youngest sister, but when visiting Banff in 2015 I met my Canadian cousins and they shared their affectionate memories of this devoted couple.

These are lives lived in the historical context of World War Two. Individuals, who as children and young adults, survived the effects of fear, loss and hardship during those war years and came to terms with the austerity of post-war.

They have known life without the protection of the NHS but are of the generation that contributed fully to the service by full employment until the age of 65 and longer.

They have received the benefit of a national health service and no doubt it has extended their life – it is good that some have enjoyed more years in retirement than spent working!

Why write about these people? 

Their lives should be recorded. 

They made history.”


Available as a paperback from CreateSpace :

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